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Concrete Pros specialise in custom concrete formwork design, curved concrete stairs, sleek modern floating stairs, elegant concrete countertops, custom made concrete sinks, polished concrete floors and handmade concrete furniture.  Our highly trained team of skilled engineers are committed to providing you with the highest standard of superior excellence and delivering luxury.
Concrete Pros is Ireland and the UK’s elite concrete service provider, with over 30 years of extensive experience in architectural formwork.  We are experts in all areas of concrete projects, both Commercial and Residential.  


Concrete: The Environmental Choice

Concrete is an environmentally friendly choice, known for its many uses, unsurmountable durability, environmental sustainability, locally produced and sourced and it is 100% recyclable.



Customise with Concrete


Curved Concrete Stairs

Luxury at it’s finest.  Amplify the look and beauty in your home or business with a bespoke architectural helical curved concrete staircase feature.


Floating Concrete Stairs

Modern, flexible and one of a kind.  Accentuate functionality and interest with a unique contemporary floating concrete staircase.


Concrete Countertops

Durability, custom fit, beauty.  Concrete countertops are a stunning feature which withstands the daily usage.  Heat, stain resistant, sanitary and functional.

Polished Concrete

Elegance meets durability with polished concrete.  An ideal solution for high traffic areas in your home or business.

Custom Concrete Sinks

Add the customised modern elements to your bathroom, kitchen or business with a top class handmade concrete sink.


Concrete Bathroom Features

Upgrade your bathroom with concrete floors, sinks and even custom bathtubs — ideal for high heat and water resistance.

Concrete Fireplaces

Add the contemporary feature in your home with a custom concrete fireplace — ideal for high heat resistance.

Concrete Walls

Accent your walls in your home or business with the look and texture of sophisticated concrete.

Custom Concrete Furniture

Add the customised modern elements to your bathroom, kitchen or business with a top class concrete sink.

We design with your needs in mind

Searching for custom concrete furniture or exquisite architectural elements to amplify bespoke design in your home or business?
Opportunities are endless with concrete design.

Our team of concrete professionals can create the custom features you’re searching for.

We partner with Ireland’s top concrete providers for premium quality materials BD Flood and O’Reilly Concrete.

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